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  • What is a Pano?

A pano is a set of 4 panoramic photos taken in one area (4 images will complete a full 360 degree rotation).  In the diagram below there are 10 panos taken of a restaurant. Pano #1 is outside the property facing the front door.  Panos 2-10 take you in a tour from the entrance to the kitchen (pano #7).
Notice the pano with red dot (#9) which corresponds to the photo of the dining room taken from the back facing the entrance.


* The distance between panos is approximately 10 feet.

  • How long does a photo shoot take?
    1-2  hours depending on the size of property or the number of panos.
  •  How long does it takes for the pictures to be posted in Google?
    2-3 weeks.
  •  Is this a recurring charge?
    No, you pay once.
  •  Who owns the pictures?
    You do, the customer.
  • What is the charge for your services?
    Photo shoots are based on the total number of panos. Panos are spaced every 10 feet:

    # Panos Prices
    3-5  $350
    6-10 $500
    11-20 $1,000
    21-30 $1,700
    31-40 $2,500



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